Domian "bad ass" Lopez or "Dom" is the mian protaganist of team JKD, which includes Allen Matthews, Airas Canidate Alexander Parker, Brandon Daniel and honorary members Edgar Lopez, Alvan Willams, Isaiah James and Tevin Green. There is no true mian character of JKD however Edgar lopez frequently relates the team starting with Dom and calling him the mian character.Domian is also as stated by Allen Mathews The Chosen One


Domian is described as halarious,arogant, confident and independent.Domian has never been one to respond to trends infact who choses to vear away from them. His personality is so energectic that he often annoys those near him, he is caught drifting in space consistent dreaming of future plans. Domian is a DareDevil taking many dangerous opertunities that others would stay away from, Dom doesn't call them rash decison but calculated risk. Dom is very much aware of his limits and the danger of trianing but choses to take the risk of injury.

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