Allen "Al" Matthews is a martial artist who has the ability to use Jeet Kune Do. He is t
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he son of two other humans. He is one of the three main protagonists. Al is the most outgoing among his friends. He in nature likes to think of himself of having a leadership role. At times he is to himself about certain things that he doesn't want to share. Him and other team members often have different views of things. He's not much of a fan when it comes to speaking his mind. To him protecting his friends is top priority even if he says its not.
Allen Matthews




October 31






174 cm (5'9")


65 kg (144 lbs.)


Storm King


Storm Regalia


Hurricane Road


Allen was 14 years old at the start of high school and is currently 18. He has a wide range of nicknames but prefers to be called "Al" or "Poogie". Noted by numerous females Al has a "babyface" due to him looking young for his age. He is 174cm (5' 9") inches tall and weighs 65 kg (144 lbs). He has dark black resembling that of a crow's feathers and dark brown hair, which had a purple tint during his Junior year. His blood type is O.


Al is a very outgoing, egotistical, zany person. His clownishly eccentric personality often gets some people infuriated with him. In addition Al is very temparmental lashing out on his friends for the most trivial reason. He loves to eat massive amounts of food, but rarely gains weight due to his high metabolism.He loves to argue, he goes on and on about how he wants to be the strongest and best fighter that followed Bruce Lee's philosophy on fighting. He is a self-proclaimed genius as he often states "I'm a genius boy from the generation" a quote he got from the popular Comedy Central show: South Park. Al is more caring towards people then other team members.

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